New wall grazer luminaire by A-Light

5 July 2019

Californian manufacturer A-Light has introduced a new family of wall grazer luminaires designed to highlight wall textures with a narrow beam of light without shadows or hotspots. Featuring advanced reflector optic technology and a clear […]


New directional luminaire from Auroralight

4 July 2019

The new LSL10 micro directional luminaire is a high-performance, low-energy LED accent light from US manufacturer Auroralight that is machined from solid brass for artistic styling and precise machining that make the fixture as attractive […]


Osram sells Siteco

3 July 2019

Osram has sold its Siteco luminaires business to Stern Steward Capital, the investment arm of Munich-based Stern Steward & Co. According to Osram, “Separation from Osram gives Siteco entrepreneurial freedom,” and Stern Stewart Capital has […]


Making it milky

2 July 2019

The pioneering UK lighting designer Plumen has launched a new type of LED bulb that it believes recaptures some of the original wonder of traditional fixtures. Its new Milky range creates an optical illusion, with […]


Dyson introduces ‘intelligent’ task light

21 June 2019

The new Dyson Lightcycletask light provides the right light for the right time of day, intelligently adjusted for age, task and daily routine. “As a technology company, Dyson’s investment in research and development aims to […]


LiFi by Signify uses Philips luminaires

19 June 2019

Signify has launched what it describes as “the world’s most reliable, high-speed commercial LiFi systems”. The new range, branded Trulifi, leverages existing and future professional luminaires; it is aimed at professional markets, including offices, hospitality, […]


NORKA expands its business

14 June 2019

The German specialist luminaire manufacturer NORKA has acquired the Traffic & Industries division of Swareflex, a Swarovski Group company. The deal covers the development, manufacture and sale of lighting systems for road and tunnel lighting. […]


$849m market for Human-Centric Lighting in 2019

10 June 2019

A new research report shows how health and productivity benefits will make Human-Centric Lighting a standard feature in all kinds of commercial buildings, with a global market already worth $849m. Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) goes beyond […]


Display food, clothing and art in the right light

8 June 2019

When it comes to the presentation of goods, merchandise and works of art, the right lighting helps to create a special atmosphere and to delight viewers. However, different products, materials and colours require specific lighting […]