2017 Lux Awards winners

The best lighting products, projects and companies leading innovation and change were recognised at the 2017 Lux Awards in London on 16 November.

From over 200 nominations, the judges drew up the initial shortlists, tested products and visited projects the length and breadth of the UK to see them in action for themselves. Here’s our selection of the winners:

Lux Person of the Year The person who has made an outstanding contribution to the lighting industry in 2017

Winner: Peter Boyce A world authority on lighting for people, he has been researching light’s effects on human beings for over half a century and wrote the seminal book on the subject – Human Factors in Lighting. He is Professor Emeritus at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York

peter boyce - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Manufacturer of the Year The lighting equipment maker who has shown exceptional performance and innovation in 2017

Winner: Astro Lighting The judges called Astro “a true lighting industry success story of recent years”. The company started in the basement of a suburban house when founders John Fearon and James Bassant set out to tackle the dearth of well-designed light fittings for bathrooms; the company now has the largest range available anywhere, boasts a team of ten creative design engineers, and has reported spectacular growth in recent years

astro - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Controls Product of the Year The most outstanding innovation in this sector including control systems, interfaces, ECG and sensors

Winner: Encelium Wireless by Osram This networked light management system impressed the judges as “flexible and powerful”. It scales from a single control server, uses wireless and wired devices on the same system, and can integrate into other BMS systems via a BACnet interface. The Polaris 3D software at the core of the system facilitates the commissioning, usage, and data analysis of the lighting installation. Judges loved the 3D colour gradient visualisations; zooming, panning, or tilting the view with just a few clicks helps the user to optimise the lighting performance of the building

encellium - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Enabling Technology of the Year The most exceptional development in sources, drivers, optics, thermal products and innovative materials

Winner: Programmable Multichannel Driver by Samsung The PMD is one of the most cost-effective driver solutions to tune colour temperature (CCT) and dim light output through two-channel driving without using two conventional drivers. The PMD supports DALI and 0-10V output ports and universal input voltage for the global market and provides intuitive native white tunable control functionality with 0-10V legacy dimmers via just two slide bars for CCT tuning and dimming. 

Samsungs Programmable Multichannel Driver   MainPh - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Interior Luminaire of the Year The year’s most groundbreaking interior light fitting

Winner: The Blade by iGuzzini Derived from the development in recent years of the highly innovative and multi-award winning Laser Blade, The Blade is a step change in miniaturisation and precision. The range of highly discreet, superslim luminaires which can disappear into a ceiling during the day yet deliver a glare-free punch at night includes multiple shapes and sizes, square and linear – including a 28mm version which is the world’s smallest wall washer 

The Blade - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Exterior Luminaire of the Year The year’s most groundbreaking exterior light fitting

Winner: CityMax by Holophane CityMax is a concept that delivers a versatile urban lighting system with a modern, innovative design for a variety of urban applications. The LED module system covers a large contact surface that conducts heat away from the critical electronic components which is then dissipated throughout the housing; the channel between the modules and the gear compartment generates a constant flow of air that passes through the luminaire, a process that ensures the luminaire runs as cool as possible resulting in a long system life

citymax - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Emergency Lighting Product of the Year The most outstanding innovation in this sector including luminaires, testing systems and signage

Winner: EM ready2apply by Tridonic Judges described the EM ready2apply as an “outstandingly creative” product. This emergency light fits through a 40mm hole and sits within a 80mm ceiling void. Judges were impressed by the combination combining an LED driver, battery charging circuit, Dali interface, and monitoring circuit inside a space of just 75x35x25mm

tridonic em - 2017 Lux Awards winners

Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year Includes all VLC, IoT, Lifi, IP-based systems, data management and smart cities technologies

Winner: YellowDot technology by Philips Judges commended the YellowDot technology for “bringing the power of GPS to indoor retail applications”. Each YellowDot-enabled fixture sends its own unique identifier to a shopper’s smartphone, allowing the system to accurately pinpoint the shopper’s location in the store to an accuracy of less than 30 cm; this allows shoppers and store staff to receive directions to products or to receive location-based notifications.YellowDot is the only open program for lighting based indoor positioning, allowing flexibility in purchasing luminaires from multiple parties, while securing interoperability with Philips’ indoor positioning software with these luminaires 

PhilipsAswaaq - 2017 Lux Awards winners


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