New wall grazer luminaire by A-Light

5 July 2019

Californian manufacturer A-Light has introduced a new family of wall grazer luminaires designed to highlight wall textures with a narrow beam of light without shadows or hotspots. Featuring advanced reflector optic technology and a clear […]


New directional luminaire from Auroralight

4 July 2019

The new LSL10 micro directional luminaire is a high-performance, low-energy LED accent light from US manufacturer Auroralight that is machined from solid brass for artistic styling and precise machining that make the fixture as attractive […]


Osram sells Siteco

3 July 2019

Osram has sold its Siteco luminaires business to Stern Steward Capital, the investment arm of Munich-based Stern Steward & Co. According to Osram, “Separation from Osram gives Siteco entrepreneurial freedom,” and Stern Stewart Capital has […]


Making it milky

2 July 2019

The pioneering UK lighting designer Plumen has launched a new type of LED bulb that it believes recaptures some of the original wonder of traditional fixtures. Its new Milky range creates an optical illusion, with […]