Signify’s Interact IoT platform launched in Dubai

Signify has launched its Interact IoT platform at WETEX 2018 in Dubai. Interact supports the company’s strategy to deliver new data-enabled services as value expands from lighting products and systems to services; the platform will enable professional customers to unlock the full potential of connected lighting for theInternet of Things.

A regional example of such a service is installed in Hamdan Bin Mohamed Smart University where Interact Office enables the university to deliver new experiences and services. HBMSU installed 600 LuxSpace luminaires from Signify that use Interact Office Indoor navigation location services to work with an app that helps wayfinding by locating the user’s position in the building and guiding them to their desired destination. Users can also easily control light and temperature levels via a personal control app.

The software system is integrated with the university’s Building Management System so that all the building systems work together seamlessly.

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western region of the Emirates have also adopted the technology by upgrading the controls of 7,300 street light cabinets to the Interact City platform, enabling a more effective way of remotely managing, monitoring and controlling their lighting.

The system will enable optimisation of street lighting performance and accurately measure energy usage in real-time, helping them reach sustainability goals, track energy use reduction and save money.

Different applications of the system were also demonstrated at the Signify booth at WETEX, with a focus on Smart City applications like landmark, sports and street lighting. The company is also demonstrating Light Fidelity (LiFi), a technology in which high quality LED lighting provides a broadband Internet connection through light waves. As the lighting company for the Internet of Things, Signify is the first global lighting company to offer LiFi-enabled luminaires from its existing office lighting portfolio.


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