Concrete elegance in a wall mounted fixture

Concrete Appliqué is the new wall mounted fixture from SIMES, the Italian specialist in architectural lighting.

The brutal material impact of concrete blended with the pureness of the glass finish makes this fitting a perfect combination between the solidity of concrete and the elegance of the protruding glass. The protruding tempered glass is the trademark of Concrete Appliqué: when the light is on the glass finish glows to life, when it’s off it disappears and the concrete housing is left as a design element.

The light source is housed internally and is directed either downwards or (with double emission) as an up- and downlight. Concrete Appliqué is available in 240 and 310mm sizes; the use of high performing LEDs and consumption of 12.5W and 19W respectively mean both sizes have very good efficiency.

Concrete Appliqué is part of a family of products with an aluminium housing covered with a concrete finish. The range includes versions of UplightAppliqueWall, and Bollard.

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