Soraa lamps for glass art exhibition

LED lamps from Soraa were selected to illuminate Mika Aoki’s recent glass art exhibition at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo.

Lighting glass objects effectively is notoriously difficult. To illuminate The Forest That Leads To You exhibition, Mika Aoki and Solid Lighting together chose Soraa VIVID lamps for their tight beam control, outstanding colour, and crisp whiteness rendering, unveiling the truest colours possible.

Mika Aoki is known for her glass sculptures that draw inspiration from the invisible life of microscopic organisms such as spores, mould, bacteria, viruses and cells. “Mika Aoki’s unifying theme is ‘expressing the conditions of life’, such as living, dying, movement, growth, and evolution, through glass,” said Hiroki Obana, lighting designer at Solid Lighting. “Lighting is a critical factor for creating her original, unique world. You must have true, accurate colours to bring out the best in the glass.”

“Lighting is a very important factor in tuning an optimal setting for the glass. Soraa’s white rendering generates the gentle and soft ‘innocence’ atmosphere I wanted,” said Aoki. “Soraa provides a consistency to the exhibit, even when the lamps are dimmed, revealing dynamic surfaces and coloring throughout the entire environment.”

The company’s lamps feature Soraa VIVID Color technology, which utilizes all colours of the visible spectrum from violet to deep red emission, delivering warm tones beautifully and accurately, achieving a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. Soraa lamps also feature Soraa Natural White technology, yielding infinite shades of white, revealing warm rich tones and cool bright whites with accuracy.

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