A celebration of icons: new takes on three classic PH lamps

To commemorate Poul Henningsen’s 125th birthday, and to celebrate the longevity of his visionary work, Louis Poulsen is releasing PH glass in metallised brass and new takes on two of his most successful luminaire designs: the PH Artichoke and the PH 5 lamp.

Poul Henningsen’s lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen began in 1924 and gave the world such classics at the PH 5, the PH Artichoke, and the PH Snowball. His pioneering work with the relationship between light structures, shadows, glare, and colour reproduction – and his fascination with the human need for both darkness and light – remain the foundation of Louis Poulsen’s lighting philosophy.

PH Artichoke in Copper/Rose

When Henningsen designed the iconic PH Artichoke for the Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen in 1958, he opted for solid copper leaves with a rose finish on their interiors. The combination lent the organic form exceptional warmth and beautifully reflected light from the PH Artichoke’s hidden light source.

In honour of Henningsen’s birthday, Louis Poulsen is launching PH Artichoke in the very same, original materials and finish. The special editions will feature a PH signature engraving commemorating PH’s 125th birthday; The copper/rose version will be available in all PH Artichoke sizes exclusively in 2019.

PH 5 and PH 5 Mini in brass

Louis Poulsen is releasing both the PH 5 and the PH 5 Mini in commemorative editions that pair untreated brass shades and white tiers.

With the warm, mirror-like brass elegantly reflecting its surroundings, the pendant remains in constant interaction with its environment, becoming a visually engaging, elegant addition both when turned on and off. The new golden tone fits beautifully into contemporary spaces, where the tendency is toward warm, organic hues.

Louis Pulsen’s local distributor is Zubair Electric Group in Oman and Dubai.

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