Airfal illuminates Tehran’s Monshen art gallery

Airfal’s Orion luminaire has been chosen for the lighting of the Moshen art gallery in Tehran, one of the most important art galleries in the Iranian capital. A total of 48 Orion units have been installed in the gallery’s exhibition halls and corridors.

Lighting in art galleries and museums must preserve the heritage, avoiding damage from excessive emissions while focussing attention on the works in a way that is in harmony with the display and the environment. In the case of the Moshen Art Gallery, the Orion modules are placed in a continuous line, harmonising with corridors and rooms while generating a natural route through all the spaces.

The Orion model achieves a power of up to 40W with an emission of up to 6,700 lumens and a colour temperature of 4000 K°. The quality of the lighting offered by its modules and its polycarbonate body means its light emission is perfect for installation in exhibition halls. Its tubular shape means this luminaire does not generate shadows, which favours lighting at any angle.

With a polycarbonate body, glossy aluminium reflector, ABS covers and vandal-resistant polycarbonate flanges, the Orion luminaire offers shock resistance of IK09 and humidity and dust resistance of IP67, both very high degrees of protection. Thanks to its high-quality LED modules, the Orion model belongs to the 1/0 photovoltaic risk group and has a unified glare index of less than 19. The colour index is also higher than 80. The lifespan of this model is more than 50,000 hours.

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