AlDecimo by Panzeri wins Light Middle East Award

The AlDecimo lamp designed by architect Carmen Ferrara for Panzeri has won the Light Middle East Award for Decorative Wall Lighting Product of the Year.

AlDecimo is a metal wall lamp with an opening and closing click mechanism that means it effectively disappears into the wall when closed. Presented for the first time at Euroluce last April, its unique characteristic is the pressure mechanism that makes it disappear. The light changes based on the position of the lamp: when switched on, its outline lights up; once opened its light floods the room.

The  light source is an LED module with indirect light and integrated bi-level driver to reduce luminous flux and power consumption, creating a luminous perimetral frame when closed. 

Panzeri Aldecimo gallery2 - AlDecimo by Panzeri wins Light Middle East Award



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