Altitude 2.0 from KIM Lighting: architecturally relevant luminaire design

KIM Lighting’s new Altitude 2.0 reflects the latest achievement in architecturally relevant luminaire design with its combination of form, controls integration and optic performance. The low-profile housing of the luminaire is scalable in three proportional sizes and a full suite of lumen packages, IES distributions and colour temperature options to meet and exceed the expectations of lighting designers.

Its sleek low-profile form integrates seamlessly into any application. The one-piece housing is available in three proportional sizes to support the strategy of using product families to carry a desired aesthetic throughout a project regardless of the application. This empowers lighting designers to maintain visual comfort and balance, maximising efficiency while preserving and enhancing the desired architectural effect.

The design and options available with Altitude 2.0 support the concept that quality lighting should complement the architecture around it and blend in seamlessly. A core belief at KIM Lighting is that complementary product families allow design continuity and proportion throughout a project.

Altitude 2.0 has a die-cast one-piece aluminium housing and a painted optic bezel that matches the luminaire. The integral latch design and hidden hinges support tool-free, easy access without compromise to aesthetics. Eight finish options, and custom colour capabilities, support the need for flexibility.

Altitude 2.0 integrates Hubbell’s Strike Optics technology to maximise target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house-side. This offers outstanding target efficiency, increases luminaire spacing while simplifying layouts, lowers installation costs and reduces energy consumption, all while improving visual acuity through better uniformity.  A typical Type IV distribution has 20 to 30 percent backlight; with Strike Optics, this can be decreased to nine percent.  With the addition of the Backlight Control option, it can be decreased to five percent.

Altitude 2.0 features 14 different lumen packages from 3,000 to 50,000 delivered lumens. Combined with nine distinct IES distribution pattern options, this supports a variety of application needs, empowering designers with the flexibility to specify a lighting package that scales as necessary.

Integral sensors and wireless controls ensure there is no compromise to the Altitude 2.0 form factor. Intuitive controls capabilities include NX Distributed Intelligence, which is capable of scaling from standalone fixture control to networked enterprise deployments.


  • Three housing sizes
  • Arm, tenon and wall-mount options
  • IES Type I, II, III, IV, IV Wide, V Square Medium, V Square Narrow, V Rectangular and V Wide distributions
  • 3,000 to 50,000 delivered lumens
  • 70, 80 and 90 CRI
  • IP66 certified
  • Three Lens options: no lens, clear and diffuse

More information here.


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