Amerlux aims to change the workplace

Amerlux says it is about to ship an innovative lighting solution that caters to the needs of people inside buildings. The new product family, Aerus, is designed to alleviate glare and poor lighting in commercial and institutional settings.

Amerlux says Aerus delivers a unique style and look compared to other indirect/direct pendants in the marketplace. “We take anidolic optics to the next level, hiding the LED diode to evenly disburse indirect light and essentially eliminating glare,” said Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s VP of Marketing and Product Development. “Our product’s delivery of light with the controlled comfort is invaluable in the workplace.”

Aerus promotes unparalleled comfort and aesthetics in several ways:

  • Anidolic optics: Since the actual light source isn’t easy to see, Aerus delivers an indirect/direct (75/25 percent) lighting distribution in an efficient and comfortable manner
  • No visual power feed: Aerus uses low-voltage aircraft cable that supports and supplies power to the fixture
  • Closer ceiling mounts: Aerus mounts 12in below the ceiling, compared to standard mounting for indirect/direct pendants of 18-24in, without creating a hot spot. It delivers the minimum IES recommendation of illuminance at 30in AFF with only 7 Watts/foot – or it can deliver more, at 10 Watts/foot
  • Wider spacing: While delivering even, soft illumination above and between fixtures, Aerus can be mounted up to 12ft on centres

Aerus is planned to ship from 1 April. More information here.