Artemide launches new Pallavi Dean lighting design at Euroluce

Artemide’s Interweave, launched at Euroluce, is a flexible system that guides a flexible LED light line through cylinders that are suspended or fixed to the ceiling or wall, allowing the lighting to follow soft and unexpected geometries.

Said the designer, Pallavi Dean of Dubai design studio Roar: “It is a light that celebrates connections, the intersection of countries, cultures and creativity as a unique source of energy.”

The cylinders have alternative functions – they can simply support the line of light, or they can house spotlights and/or devices such as speakers and sensors.

The freedom in number and positioning of the cylinders means the composition can grow to follow the needs of the spaces. The cylinders can also become junction elements for several lines of light, which can be replicated on a 5m module basis.

Interweave installations can be controlled via the Artemide App or by Alexa voice control.

Information here.

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