AUH becomes first Middle East transport hub to harvest energy from passengers’ footsteps

How Pavegen tiles work: as pedestrians walk across the tiles, their weight compress electromagnetic generators to produce 2 to 4 joules of electrical energy per step

Abu Dhabi Airports has commissioned Pavegen, the UK clean-tech company that specialises in harvesting electricity from footfall, to construct a 16 m² energy harvesting walkway that will power local LED lighting and to provide a data feed.

The articulated flooring surface is constructed from a series of interlocking triangles. As people walk across the patented system, electromagnetic generators produce off-grid energy.

The path connects two terminals within the capital’s high-tech airport, which handles around two million passengers a month; this is the first application of its kind in a commercial airport in the Middle East.

Ahmed Al Shamisi, Acting COO at Abu Dhabi Airports said: “We’ve partnered with Masdar to install the Pavegen walkway, poised to power the data-driven, smart cities of tomorrow. Through this collaboration, Abu Dhabi Airports aims to further its commitment to sustainable practices, educating travellers and residents alike about different sources of off-grid energy and data”.


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