“Blue light hazard”: new position statement from CIE

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has issued a new position statement that puts into context the use of the term “blue light hazard”. It provides reassurance that people are normally not at risk of exceeding the internationally agreed blue light hazard exposure limits from white light sources used for illumination.

The statement says “’blue light hazard’ is not an issue for white-light sources used in general lighting, even for those that are blue-enriched” but goes to suggest caution “for circumstances occurring over many days with continuous exposure to optical radiation, at levels that approach the blue light hazard exposure limit … Such exposure is unlikely for white-light sources, but may be possible with sources that primarily emit blue light”.

The CIE statement does warn about the inappropriate use of blue LEDs in products, such as toys, which are primarily used by young children. “Even if the blue light hazard exposure limit is not exceeded, [sources emitting primarily blue light] may be dazzlingly bright to youngsters … The use of blue indicator lamps is not recommended for toys and other devices that may be viewed by children.”

The CIE statement is here.

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