Canada’s first rail tunnel lights up

The newly renovated Brockville Railway Tunnel is now illuminated with Philips LED lighting. The 525m tunnel has been transformed with more than 700 Philips Color Kinetics ColorGraze MX4 Powercore fixtures turning the mostly unused railway tunnel into a visually stunning walkway. 

Originally constructed in the late 1850s, the Brockville Rail Tunnel was the first of its kind in Canada. Located underneath the downtown area of Brockville, Ontario, the Railway Tunnel will now act as a path from the city’s beautiful waterfront to the scenic Brock Trail recreational pathway.

“The Brockville Tunnel is a remarkable historical landmark and we had a vision to transform it into a true international attraction.  With the Philips’ architectural LED lighting, we have created something wonderful for the community and visitors.” said David LeSueur, City of Brockville Councillor and Brockville Railway Tunnel Committee Chair.

The lighting inside the tunnel will run a dynamic “Philips Light Show” 365 days a year, drawing in residents and tourists alike. Residents are also able to request custom lightshows for events held on the waterfront.  It will become a central hub to host community events and festivals year-round, further cementing it as one of the iconic, must-see landmarks in the Thousand Islands region in Canada.

Grazing fixtures were specifically chosen for the inside of the railway in order to showcase the unique architectural and geological components of the tunnel.

“Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system was a perfect solution to bring Ford Electric’s vision together,” said David Bouwers of Ford Electric Co, lead lighting and infrastructure designer for the Brockville Tunnel project. “Our design team wanted to turn what had become an overlooked part of the City of Brockville into a safe, energetic and vibrant attraction not only for the local community but also to change the historic tunnel into a tourist attraction on the world stage.”

“Light has the ability to transform and rejuvenate spaces and communities. With Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting, the beautiful architectural and geological details of the historical Brockville Tunnel are prominently featured while the dynamic light show enhances the experience for visitors.” said Michael Gentile, President & CEO of Philips Lighting Canada 

More than 700 Philips ColorGraze MX4 Powercore RGBW fixtures are used for the tunnel, constituting over 2,800 individually controllable nodes, each capable of providing a different colour. Over 1,500 feet of cable was used.

Other landmarks lit with Philips Color Kinetics technologies include the Empire State Building, the Bay Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, the London Eye, the Kırıkkale Nur Mosque, the Allianz Arena, the Victoria Falls, the Pyramids, the Taipei 101 Tower and the Dragon Bridge in Denang.


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