Compact efficiency: smartSWITCH switch sensors detect presence and ambient light

With the new compact smartSWITCH HF 5DP f and HF 5DP S f switch sensors for luminaire fixtures,Tridonic has once again expanded the detection range for presence and ambient light compared with previous models. The sensitivity of the sensors can now be adjusted from 100 to 10 percent as required; this prevents the light from being switched on unnecessarily because the detection range is too large.

The smartSWITCH sensors have an extra-wide detection range and, as built-in devices, require very little space in the luminaire. The sensors employ microwave technology and switch the light using the respective LED driver when they detect presence and ambient light.

In addition to the detection range, a threshold can also be set for the ambient light and the delay time before switch off; nine simple DIP switches provide the configuration. The bright-out function prevents the light being switched on if the illuminance of the daylight is sufficient, and the light only switches on if the sensor detects the presence of people and the ambient light is too weak.

To prevent the light being switched on and off too often, automatic switch off can be delayed. The delay time before switch off begins after the last movement in the detection range and can be anything from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

With different housing dimensions (70 x 36.5 x 24.5 mm and 58 x 48.5 x 24.5 mm), both sensor models are suitable for various luminaires. A mounting frame means the sensors can be mounted directly in the luminaire housing. The sensors are particularly easy to install in modules that are already fitted with corresponding recesses for mounting, for example the CLE G3 ADV LED module.

Thanks to the microwave technology, the sensors are also suitable for closed luminaires, because the high-frequency waves penetrate glass and other thin materials (except for metal). Combining the sensors with the relevant LED drivers and their integrated functions, such as corridorFUNCTION, creates a sophisticated and cost-efficient lighting solution.

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