Digital Lumens reimagines industrial IoT

Osram’s Digital Lumens has expanded its portfolio with the new RLE intelligent LED fixture featuring socketed intelligence and an upgradeable smart sensor. The company describes the product as a future-proof LED fixture that makes it easier and more economical to instrument facilities for industrial IoT (IIoT) applications beyond lighting.

All Digital Lumens intelligent LED fixtures feature embedded smart sensors that enable customisation and automation of advanced lighting controls to deliver up to 90 percent in lighting-related energy savings, as well as instrument facilities for the IIoT and the opportunity to unlock additional value through environmental sensing, utility monitoring, power metering, and more.

The new RLE intelligent LED fixture is additionally equipped with Bluetooth technology for indoor positioning applications; it reimagines the Industrial IoT through a unique, socketed and hence upgradeable sensor design that allows users to capture the benefits of intelligent LED lighting while ensuring compatibility with Digital Lumens’ growing suite of SiteWorx IIoT applications for the lifetime of the fixture.

“Digital Lumens’ advanced lighting technology creates the means through which our global customer base can instrument their facilities for the Industrial IoT and realize new operational value in a scalable, cost-effective manner,” said Wolfram Unold, CEO at Digital Lumens.

“The socketed intelligence of the RLE intelligent LED fixture enables a dynamic IIoT infrastructure, which means that customers can move forward with energy-efficient lighting projects while being enabled to keep pace with technological advancements across our full suite of IIoT applications, and the resulting value, over the lifetime of the fixture.”

Among Digital Lumens’ IIoT applications is SiteWorx Sense, which extends the energy and lighting control of Digital Lumens’ intelligent LEDs and SiteWorx IIoT platform to the automated collection and centralisation of critical environmental, utility, and production or process data. With the recently released SiteWorx Sense Alarms feature, users can configure and trigger email or SMS notifications when customised facility parameters, environmental conditions, or utility usage exceed expected norms or baselines.

“The value SiteWorx provides to our users, beyond the industry-leading lighting controls and massive energy savings of SiteWorx Tune, is the ability to leverage the lighting network to instrument for the IIoT, and monitor or measure what’s happening across a facility, site, or enterprise,” said Brian Bernstein, Digital Lumens’ Vice President of Product.

“SiteWorx Sense Alarms is a natural extension of that value, in that it equips our users to proactively identify potentially unsafe environments, utility misuse, or signs of equipment failure, and allows them to take the necessary steps to eliminate waste, avoid unplanned downtime and, ultimately, run more efficient, productive businesses.”

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