Digital Lumens teams up with Industrial Lighting Products on intelligent LED fixtures

Digital Lumens, the market leader in intelligent LED lighting and sensor-based smart building applications, has announced an alliance with Industrial Lighting Products (ILP), a US manufacturer of high-efficiency lighting products for a variety of commercial, industrial and outdoor applications. Customers will now be able to purchase a variety of ILP fixtures with Digital Lumens’ signature Digital Light Agents sensors pre-installed.

ILP fixtures featuring Digital Lumens sensors will enable easy implementation of SiteWorx, a cloud-based business intelligence platform that combines connected lighting, IoT sensors and innovative software to optimise energy usage, productivity and safety. Available applications include advanced lighting control, occupancy tracking and environmental sensing, and provide industrial and commercial users with unprecedented control and insight across a facility, site or enterprise.

“We are proud to further enhance the already-high performance of ILP fixtures through the inclusion of Digital Lumens sensors, software and controls,” said Denis Cho, Vice President of Sales at Digital Lumens. “Through SiteWorx, all compatible fixtures will immediately enable our mutual customers to gain unprecedented control of their LED lighting, improve site-wide business intelligence and sustainability initiatives, and introduce new smart building solutions more quickly and easily.”

Digital Lumens was recently acquired by Osram and will serve as the Boston-based innovation hub for Osram’s portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) applications for industrial and commercial environments.



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