dpa’s Barry Hannaford honoured at Light Middle East Awards

Barry Hannaford of dpa lighting consultants has been recognised by the Light Middle East Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Lighting Industry.

Hannaford started his lighting design career 47 years ago with Thorn Lighting at a time when Thorn had a world class research facility and educational programme. This solid foundation in the science of light was then further enhanced and expanded with positions at the London Borough of Greenwich Lighting Department, Concord Lighting Ltd and ERCO where he was the UK Technical Manager.  During the first 15 years of Barry’s career working within industry, Barry’s passion for the medium of light evolved and using the science that he had learnt his creative flare developed.

Wanting to fully exploit light within the built environment to provide building owners with the very best solutions, he joined Lighting Design Partnership in 1985 and was instrumental in the development of lighting design as a profession. Today’s lighting designers owe a lot to LDP’s promotion of the discipline through the 1980s, in which Barry played a pivotal role.

Barry joined dpa lighting consultants in 1996 as a Partner and established the London office with great success.  The Middle East has always been important to dpa with projects such as The Sheraton on the Creek from 1977 and on the back of various commissions in the region and in particular the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, dpa decided to set up an office in Dubai in 2003. Barry moved there in 2004 and remains an owner and Director of the Practice today.

“Barry’s extreme attention to detail and passion for understanding the science of light and using/sharing this knowledge creatively, is what makes him so special and so deserving of this award,” said dpa.



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