Endurance monitoring test for solar streetlights at Masdar City

Sunna Design has announced a partnership with Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, to conduct a 12-month pilot scheme for its iSSL Maxi 4 solar streetlights to undergo weather endurance monitoring.

The move follows Sunna’s win last month last year at the Zayed Sustainability Prize’s 10th annual awards. Based in France, Sunna Design is an industry leader of solar energy management for autonomous and connected applications and solar street lighting is at the core of its business.

In the last week of January, eight solar streetlights were installed near Masdar City’s Eco-Villa development. The iSSL Maxi 4 is already popular with Sunna Design customers; the monitoring exercise is intended to further demonstrate confidence in the product’s long-term performance and durability.

In addition to the advanced solar technology that means Sunna Design’s street lights function as a reliable, robust and powerful stand-alone lighting solution for inter-tropical regions of the world, the WiFi connectivity within each streetlight means the data and performance of each unit can be monitored remotely from the company’s head office in Blanchefort, France.

Thomas Samuel, Chairman and Founder of Sunna Design, said the company was proud to partner with Masdar City on this pilot. “The 12-month pilot project is part of Sunna Design’s commitment to ongoing research and development and a desire to always be improving our technologies and products for our customers.”

Yousef Baselaib, Executive Director of Masdar City, said: “Around a third of Masdar City’s electricity needs are provided by solar power and, from a smart city perspective, we recognise that data collection enables a greater understanding of how best to integrate renewable energy solutions into infrastructure and community developments.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sunna Design for their weather endurance monitoring project and helping them realise their objectives.”

Following the evolution of the Zayed Future Energy Prize into the Zayed Sustainability Prize, in 2018, the broadening recognition of sustainability solutions, alongside energy, demonstrates the Prize’s now closer alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as supporting the UAE’s government’s National Agenda 2021.

A total of 76 winners have so far been recipients of the Prize.

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