Fagerhult’s new line for hotels and restaurants

Fagerhult’s new family of lumieres for hotels and restaurants fits easily into planning, is quick to install, and focuses on opportunities for creating moods and lighting environments that enhance guest experience. Downlights, spotlights and tracks with different applications can easily be combined in project-unique solutions – but also offer flexibility when environments are renewed.

“Hotel, restaurant and café environments are changing at an accelerating pace to offer guests new experiences. The lighting must also be able to meet the needs of creative change,” said Johan Wahlström, product head at Fagerhult.

“We have developed a complete luminaire product line that provides an even and Instagram-friendly lighting with a lot of character.”

The initial product line consists of the ComboLINE, Zkye and Stelo 75, and it will be supplemented with new luminaires on a continuous basis.

The ComboLINE (seen below) is based on a track solution with the capability to snap in LED strips, spotlights, linear luminaires or suspended luminaires, providing unique flexibility and the ability to combine general lighting and point lighting in a single solution. When changes are made, it is very easy to reposition the luminaires along the tracks.

Zkye (below) is a neat, cylindrical luminaire with spotlights in two different sizes and matching ceiling and suspended luminaires that can be used separately or combined with the ComboLINE. 

Stelo 75 is a small and elegant downlight for mounting in suspended ceilings. The luminaire is available with four different baffles on the inside – white, black, gold or copper – making it easy to harmonise or contrast with ceilings and other furnishings.

“We have put considerable focus on all the luminaires in the collection producing even lighting without shadows,” said Wahlström. “This makes the environments easy to photograph for visitors who want to share the experience on social media.”