First dim-to-warm technology in LED bulbs

UK LED lamp supplier Well-lit says it has brought to market the first ever range of flexible LED filament bulbs using patented dim to warm technology.

By using a flexible LED filament, the colour temperature of the new range of dim to warm LED bulbs can be smoothly transitioned from 2800k at its brightest to 2000k.

Primarily aimed at commercial settings, the new bulb will allow for a change in colour temperature, and therefore ambience and scene, simply by dimming.

This offers significant benefits across many sectors, including the hospitality industry, where lighting for breakfast and lunch may be brighter than that required for evening sittings.

Well-lit was the first company in the world to bring flexible LED filament bulbs to the market, back in 2016.

Well-lit director Chris Stimson said the company had been working on the development of a dim to warm LED filament bulb for several years now, “so we are delighted to be able to bring our finished solution to market.

“Previous prototypes created shadowing, but we overcame to develop our final, and flawless, product.”

Available in a range of shapes, the new dim to warm flexible filament bulbs provide 8w and an upper limit of 400 lumens. With an E27 fitting, the new products offer a 15,000 hour lifespan and CRI of 90.

More information here.

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