First TALQ-compliant ‘smart lighting’ products certified

talq consortium the smart city protocol 300x300 - First TALQ-compliant 'smart lighting' products certifiedThe TALQ Consortium has certified four outdoor lighting products as TALQ compliant. This standard enables cities and municipalities to choose future-proof, interoperable and open solutions for Smart Street Lighting and other Smart City Applications from multiple vendors.

Starting in 2012, the TALQ Consortium developed a global interface standard to connect and manage heterogeneous outdoor lighting systems from many different hardware and software vendors. Now the first four products have passed the rigorous Certification procedures successfully and have been proven worthy of carrying the TALQ symbol.

All the certified products not only demonstrated the failure-free integration of the TALQ interface as analysed by the Test Suite but also confirmed full interoperability against other systems in a plug fest held in Valencia in October 2017.

The TALQ Consortium has granted TALQ compliance to three Central Management Systems (CMS) and one TALQ Bridge hardware component:

MUSE is a software platform, developed by Citégestion – a subsidiary of Citelum group EDF – to manage all urban domains of a city. Indoor and outdoor domains (street lighting, video-protection, traffic light system, air quality sensors) may be referenced in the solution, including networks that connect them. MUSE controls standard operation and maintenance tasks; it also manages work processes, energy and other KPI management/monitoring, as well as providing powerful data mining functions. 

StreetLight.Vision (SLV) is a Central Management System from Silver Spring Networks that provides the means for a city to leverage a smart streetlight network and transform it into a true smart city platform. By enabling remote command and control, along with real-time monitoring, the efficient management of streetlights and an expanding range of smart city assets is made possible. With improved asset and inventory management, work order management, advanced analytics, and simplified integration with existing business process, SLV pushes the capabilities of outdoor lighting control and extend it to many other smart city applications.

Smart FireFly (SFF) is UVAX’s dedicated CMS software for controlling outdoor lighting systems. It features tools to remotely oversee all streetlights of a municipality, supervise their performance, such as power consumption or luminaire efficiency by means of an intuitive and user-friendly interface. SFF is also able to control other devices such as power meters, EV charging stations, information panels, public address systems, pollution sensors, weather stations and most sensors found in smart city applications. To integrate the hardware components UVAX solution connects OLNs (Outdoor Lighting Networks) in high speed communication channels using Broadband Powerline Communication; the bandwidth of up to 200Mb/s allows an unprecedented number of sensors and other subsystems to be integrated in the same network.

All of these TALQ compliant solutions can support cities, utilities, energy service companies and contractors in lowering their energy consumption, reducing maintenance costs, and improving lighting reliability and public safety. 

These are the first products from lighting industry companies to demonstrate interoperability according to the TALQ Specification; many other leading vendors are working to integrate the TALQ interface standard into their systems and will undertake the Certification procedure soon. 

Certification is free of charge for all Regular TALQ members; Associate TALQ members can pay a Certification fee per product.

Above, left to right – Antonio Royo, UVAX; Brian McGuigan, Silver Spring Networks; Simon Dunkley, Secretary General TALQ Consortium; Gautier Perraut, Citégestion



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