Fit for DALI-2: compact sensors that can detect motion and ambient light

Tridonic’s new series of DALI-2 compatible sensors can detect both motion and ambient light. Developed in accordance with the IEC-62386-103 standard and prepared for certification by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), the sensors are suitable for commercially available DALI-2 controllers and can easily be integrated into lighting and building management systems. 

The third-generation multi-sensors operate with passive infrared technology (PIR) and react to changing thermal radiation in the detection range.

The sensors are available in three designs – MSensor G3 SFI 5DPI (low-bay), G3 SFI 30 10DPI WH (mid-bay) and G3 SFI 30 16DPI WH (high-bay), left to right in the pic above. Each is available as a recessed model or with an additional attachment housing. The compact design of the recessed models means that they can be integrated into luminaires without any of the component being visible. Depending on the respective design and area of application, models with an additional attachment housing offer protection class IP66 (mid-bay) or IP65 (high-bay).

All designs bring together the motion and ambient light sensor under one housing and are ideal for a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors as they can be mounted at a range of heights and offer different detection ranges. Integrated into the housing, a remote-control interface – which can be operated via infrared remote controllers – enables the respective luminaires to be controlled individually.

Low-bay sensors are designed for low-ceilinged rooms up to 5m high. They detect motion within an angle of 84° and ambient light from 10–650 lx. The detection diameter of these sensors depends on the height of the respective room and reaches 3–9m, which corresponds to an area of 7m² to around 64m². These sensors are particularly suitable for office areas and classrooms.

Mid-bay sensors are especially impressive in rooms with a moderate ceiling height from 5 to 10m, such as in the sales and industrial sectors. They detect motion within an angle of 72° and ambient light from 0.5–2,000 lx. The detection diameter ranges from 7–14m depending on the height of the room and the area detected ranges from 38.5–154m².

For high-ceilinged rooms up to 18 metres – such as logistics halls and industrial buildings – high-bay sensors are the perfect choice. They can be positioned at various mounting heights (8–12m or 12–18m) and depending on the respective height, they can detect motion within an angle of 60° or 72° (at a low mounting height) and ambient light from 1–2,000 lx. The detection diameter ranges from 12–21m and the detected area ranges from 113–346m².

All of the sensors were developed in accordance with the IEC-62386-103 standard and are therefore suitable for certification by the DiiA. The sensors are compatible with standard controllers for DALI systems in accordance with EN 62386-101 Edition 2 and are therefore easy to integrate into lighting management systems.

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