Gooee delivers a ‘single pane’ view for smart buildings management

Gooee, the award winning IoT Smart Building Intelligence Platform, has extended its capabilities to unify building control, sensing, communications and data analytics into a cloud-centric Building Operating System (BoS) that collates building intelligence for developers, building occupiers, property owners and managers.

2019 sees Gooee deploying three new solutions: BuildView, SpaceView and LightView.

Neil Salt, Gooee MD, says his company’s value propositions have extended beyond lighting to align directly with the considerations of operating a business and running a building – building systems management, energy costs, rent rates and human capital.

“With the release of our three new applications we are providing an accessible platform to smarten buildings and put owners and occupiers back in control with a ‘single-pane’ view to manage their buildings.”

BuildView provides integrated building identity and optimisation and features interoperability with all major BMS systems to create an IoT optimised solution across lighting, HVAC and energy management. BuildView avoids expensive, specialist integration, unifying the latest technologies in sensing and edge analytics, future-proofing a customer site and integrating back-of-house to front-of-house. BuildView is scalable from a single site to a global estate.

SpaceView uses spatial sensing within the envelope of the building to collect environmental and behavioural analytics data. SpaceView delivers real-time and historical KPI’s on headcount, desk usage and space utilisation; it provides a view into data from Gooee’s sensors as well as multi-function sensors from third-party partners. This can help retailers understand the location of buyers in a retail environment for better product positioning and increasing basket spend. Office managers can identify underutilised spaces in a commercial building facilitating rent spend reductions or space reallocation.

LightView delivers enterprise-scale lighting control via Gooee’s wireless sensing, beacon and communications network, using lighting-as-a-host for Gooee’s Smart Bluetooth mesh & IOT Sensors. Sensors integrated into luminaires measure ambient light and provide presence and absence detection for convenient control and energy saving. Users can wirelessly control hundreds of luminaries, create lighting scenes, and set rules and schedules.

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