Groundbreaking industrial lighting system from Anthem One provides economical alternative to HMI

Anthem One Launch 1 152x300 - Groundbreaking industrial lighting system from Anthem One provides economical alternative to HMIAnthem One is a groundbreaking LED technology that claims to make existing industrial-grade lighting obsolete. It uses swappable, tough, solid-state wafers coated with an array of micro LEDs that it calls Light Cards; each Anthem Light Card is as thin as a credit card and lasts up to 50,000 hours. They are available in a wide variety of frequencies including UV, broad spectrum agriculture, military grade IR and several types of visible light. The interchangeability of Anthem Light Cards makes them ideal for over 25 markets including motion pictures, military, security, outdoor events, agriculture and mining.

Justin Eugene Evans, Anthem One’s inventor, says “Think of it like Keurig’s coffee machine. Anthem One is the Coffee Maker. Each Light Card is like a K-Cup. The customer decides what flavor of light field they need for their industry. They can easily swap Light Cards to output a completely different light field. And as LEDs get brighter, they can upgrade Anthem Light Card while still using the rest of the Anthem One lighting system. It’s the only lighting system in the world that improves with time.”

The base Anthem One unit is a 140mm cube weighing 3.5 kg. Inside is an array of neodymium magnets which allow users to snap it to steel beams or assemble multiple Anthem Ones into an array. A variety of accessories can mount to Anthem One via its hidden magnets, Kensington lock ports or a threaded bottom-socket.

“Anthem One is brighter, smaller, half the weight and lasts 2,000 times longer than our nearest competitor. For half the price or less,” says Adrian Ruddock, Anthem One’s Vice President.

It is operated by a universal 110v/220v power supply or a patent-pending, computer-controlled lithium-ion battery. “Our battery is built around a Matrix Circuit. Cells can be rerouted and reconfigured in real time to create a new series or parallel circuit. In addition, it’s the only repairable battery system in the world. With proper care, the system can last for decades,” says Justin Eugene Evans, Anthem One’s inventor.

A range of accessories enable users to control and modify Anthem One’s light field even further. “Our first accessories focus primarily on the media industries. Lenses, speed ring adapters, doors and arms allow media professionals to use Anthem One in a manner to which they are already accustomed. Our next wave of accessories includes architectural and industrial applications,” says Adrian Ruddock.

In the States Anthem One retails for $1,499, a quarter of the cost of a comparable HMI (metal halide) lighting system. Combined with the extreme-longevity of Anthem Light Cards, customers will find Anthem One pays for itself in weeks or days.

Justin Eugene Evan says, “I began my career as a filmmaker and cinematographer. And I’ve always been disappointed by the expense and limitations of industrial-grade lighting technology. Various technologies have come out in the last 17 years but nothing came close to the punch of a metal halide. But, metal halides are dangerous, hot, clumsy and expensive. So, I spent the last six years of my life inventing Anthem One; a lighting system that breaks all the rules for dozens of industries.”

Currently Anthem One along with six different Anthem Light Cards, five Anthem Accessories and the power options are available for purchase at the company’s website. Additional Anthem Light Cards and Anthem Accessories will be added to the product line.

Technical details are here

Anthem Accessories 001 - Groundbreaking industrial lighting system from Anthem One provides economical alternative to HMI



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