Hubbell adds outdoor architectural lighting family

With a new spin on a classic rectilinear form, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s new Ratio family brings a traditional ‘shoebox’ luminaire aesthetic into the next generation of LED lighting.

Ratio features a dense optical array which provides reduced pixilation and increased visual comfort without compromising performance. Ratio’s Micro Strike Optics technology maximises target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house-side, reducing light trespass issues. This outstanding optic control simplifies layouts and installations, reduces pole count and energy consumption, lowers installation costs, and improves visual acuity.

Designed for sustained, long-term performance with advanced thermal management, with an elegantly simple heat sink and industry-leading surge protection, Ratio is available in two sizes for area lighting and five sizes for floodlighting as well as a variety of outputs allowing designers to customise for different applications.

The Ratio flood series was specifically designed to shed water. The vented housing, in addition to cooling the fixture, also eliminates the opportunity for water to build up anywhere on the luminaire surface.

All optical geometry is on the inside of the lens, creating a smooth finish that limits debris build up on the external surface. The lens also has no external hardware allowing for even pressure on the gasket preventing water intrusion.

More information here. Hubbel’s local distributor is Light Factor in Sharjah.