In search of the Perfect Light

iGuzzini is bringing the Perfect Light project to the Middle East and is inviting the lighting, architects and designers’ communities to an exclusive screening of the film at the Novotel Trade Centre’s Blue Bar on 24th September under the umbrella of Light Middle East.

The development of light and lighting has always been about the search for the “perfect” light. Unlike any light source development before, LEDs have superseded all other sources and potentially rendered them obsolete. Is LED, therefore, the perfect light? Are we in the middle of the greatest revolution since the invention of the lightbulb?

One of iGuzzini’s strategic strongpoints is social innovation through lighting and the company has been actively supporting platforms which promote the exchange of perspectives and experiences between professionals.

The Perfect Light, a documentary made by UK-based consultancy Light Collective and sponsored by Citizen, is a fun and thought-provoking tour around the globe, giving voice to over 23 top lighting experts in six countries – Christopher Bauder, Don Slater, Enrique Peiniger, Francesco Iannone & Serena Tellini, George Brainard, Gerd Pfarré, Giovanni Traverso, Howard Branston, James Carpenter, John Lau, Kai Piippo, Kaoru Mende, Leni Schwendinger, Lisa Ishii, Louis Clair, Mark Major, Moritz Waldermeyer, Motoko Ishii, Paul Gregory, Andreas Schulz, Roger Narboni and Stuart Alexander. The aim: to question the development of light and explore the definition of perfection in lighting.

Eleven hours of interview footage have been edited down to make a short film of 35 minutes. Light Collective will present the film and discuss light with the audience after the showing.

The screening, held in association with the Lighting Institute and IDentity Magazine, will also be followed by a cocktail reception. Register here or send an email to


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