Innovative surface-mounted track features ultra-compact dimensions

Zero Track is an innovative surface-mounted system designed by Flos Architectural and featuring the ultimate level of miniaturization, with a pure design and the most radical technology of control. As a result, Zero Track can almost seem like a recessed luminaire that merges with any architectural structure in perfect integration.

Surface track and spot dimensions are taken to the minimum. The screwed surface, integrated microadaptor and components, absence of auxiliary works and a wide range of dimming power supplies makes for easy, discreet installation.

The track is a line only 17mm wide and 7mm height.

The Zero Track luminaire range includes with the Find Me spots, designed by Jorge Herrera. This innovative design comes in two different sizes, including the new Find Me 0.

The Zero Track system also offers Atom, a series of spotlights in two different sizes designed by Piero Lissoni. The highest comfort level are provided by the deep position of the optic and the screening accessories included with each spot, completed by a round luminaire.

Different control options for dimming are available for remote recessed or surface installation:

  • Push Dimming control through a simple pushbutton
  • Dali Standard protocol for integration with any control system
  • 1-10V track control through a dimmer device
  • CASAMBI wireless control via an app

Information here.

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