Katona: the all-round problem solver

Thorn’s new Katona wall light is an all-round solution for almost every lighting task. A cutting-edge surface-mounted wall and ceiling light, Katona is ideal for both, indoor and outdoor applications, as it’s rated IK10 and IP65.

This makes Katona an ideal fitting for corridors, stairwells, entrance halls, and storage rooms where lighting provides guidance but the luminaire itself has to withstand difficult conditions such as humidity, dust or even accidental damage. Its clean, minimal design not only makes Katona great to look at; it also minimises the accumulation of dirt and dust, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Katona offers lumen outputs ranging from 1000 lm to 2000 lm and colour temperatures of 4000K or a warmer 3000K and is available in round and square designs. With these options, the luminaire provides the right specification for many applications.

Market-leading luminous efficacy of up to 120 lm/W out of the luminaire makes it easy to save energy, compared to traditional light sources and to other LED options on the market. Sophisticated DALI control, with in-built daylight and presence sensors, a corridor function and the option of wireless connectivity, makes it possible to save even more energy by ensuring Katona is turned off when not needed and illuminated when required.

Katona’s simple design makes it quick and easy to install. Simply mount the back panel with two screws, then attach the diffuser and bezel. It’s just as easy to programme the controls, whether using wired DALI controls, presence sensor or via the app with the wireless connectivity option.

Emergency lighting is taken care of too. The lithium-ion battery in the emergency version of Katona maintains light for three hours in manual (E3) and self-test (E3TX) versions, and carries its own three-year warranty. A central battery compatible version is also available.

“With Katona, Thorn proves that wall lights don’t need to be bulky and industrial,” said Thorn’s Product Manager for Katona, Clemens Neuner. “Katona is one product that solves a long list of common lighting problems: from cutting energy consumption to lighting damp and dusty areas, providing emergency lighting, reducing maintenance and simplifying installation. It just makes it so easy to specify.”

Katona has a 50,000-hour lifetime (to L80) and comes with Thorn’s five-year warranty.


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