Kichler expands LED technology in professional landscape lighting

Kichler’s new 12V LED Flood Light with Variable Lumen Output (VLO) makes it easier than ever to design, install and service landscape lighting. It delivers incredible light, but also opens up new application possibilities.

The 12V LED Flood Light features Kichler VLO technology, now in low-voltage flood. Three lumen output choices are offered from a single fixture and can be adjusted electronically with a switching magnet.

Changing the lumen level is easy – simply hold the magnet over the lumen adjustment locator to begin programming mode. The magnetic switch is fully protected from moisture by being potted on the driver, which guards against water ingression to ensure performance.

VLO Adjustment Settings - Kichler expands LED technology in professional landscape lightingThe custom optics offers enhanced beam spread, one of the widest available in the professional low-voltage integrated category. It also featurecentre-to-edgege reflector optics that are engineered to deliver the precise amount of light evenly across applications at each lumen output level. This means landscape contractors and installers can offer landscape lighting with more lumen options while carrying less fixture inventory.

“The new 12V LED Flood Light with VLO changes everything,” said Scott Pesta, senior product manager, Kichler. “Landscape contractors now have a wider variety of  design options during the initial installation for the right amount of light output that allows flexibility to adjust years down the road as application needs change.”

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