LED illumination products match and recreate natural sunlight

RS Components and its distributors are now stocking the SunLike LED range from Seoul Semiconductor, a family of LED-based products that use new technology to deliver a quality of illumination designed to be virtually indistinguishable from sunlight.

The SunLike line has been developed as a natural-light LED that is optimised for human-centric lighting. Sunlike contributes to the improvement of human health (including sleep quality and prevention of eye fatigue and myopia) by providing healthy light for the stabilisation of human biorhythms.

Essentially, SunLike removes the high-energy short-wavelength blue LED light source and replaces it with a purple-light LED chip, which is based upon the combination of Seoul Semiconductor’s patented LED chip technology along with innovative TRI-R phosphor technology from Toshiba Materials.

A key element of the SunLike technology is the realisation of true natural colour with an excellent colour reproduction ratio (CRI) that is similar to sunlight. It scores a sunlight spectrum concordance rate of 94 percent. In addition, the SunLike LEDs offer high clarity and a dimensional sense to objects and text with glare-free illumination, making it an ideal technology for deployment in backlighting applications and touchscreen interface development in particular.

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