LED lighting supports sustainable fish farming

Adjustable LEDs that deliver light source similar to natural sunlight not only help to improve human wellbeing but can also enable sustainable fish farming, says Signify. The company is providing underwater LED lighting for the marine-based fish farms of Australis Seafoods in Chile; and the lights, which reach up to 100,000 lumen, mimic the summer sun to deliver a better Feed Conversion Rate and so aid growth.

As a result, less food is needed, leading to lower cost and cleaner water. The lights are submerged 5m deep, attracting the fish and dramatically reducing infections by sea lice who live closer to the surface.

Signify first installed its Philips aquaculture LED lighting in Australis’ Moraleda fish farm in Aysén, Chile. After achieving excellent results, Australis asked Signify to upgrade the whole site. In addition, the site realized one of the best production results in Australis records and was named the best Skretting 2019 Fish farm in the XI region.

Australis says it chose Signify because of its commitment to a sustainable world, strongly supporting Australis’ objectives for responsible and efficient fish farming.

For several years, Signify has served in the Chilean salmon industry, providing innovative photoperiod systems to control the duration of light and so optimise production. Atlantic salmon are very sensitive to changes in the period of daily illumination in fresh and seawater, and particularly during the parr-smolt transformation (a series of physiological changes where juvenile fish adapt from living in fresh water to living in seawater).

Australis has now installed Signify’s photoperiod systems in most of its fish farms located in the XI Region of Aysén and is going to apply the systems in other regions too.

“Australis has always been open to try new things; technology, innovation, improvements,” said Bill Bien, Leader of Signify’s Agricultural Lighting Business. “Especially in aspects related to production, we believe that they’re one step ahead, always showing interest, being analytical and making decisions based on real studies and tests.

“We believe that our mutual commitment to sustainable fish farming is very important to achieving a good collaboration. With Australis we’ve been developing as a single team, receiving excellent logistical and operational support in all areas and stages of the productive cycle.”