LEDVANCE IndiviLED family extended

The luminaires in the IndiviLED series are now available as “Linear” and “Panel” models in different versions. This means that LEDVANCE can provide a single source for a variety of office requirements, ranging from desktop workstations and conference zones to corridors and reception areas.

The new LED luminaires from the IndiviLED series offer homogeneous light distribution, high efficiency and easy, flexible installation. The Panel and Linear IndiviLED luminaires, whose SCALE design has recently won the 2019 German Design Award, are now available at wholesalers.

Largely glare-free light for screen-based work, uniform distribution of light and adequate illuminance are just a few of the important criteria that office lighting has to meet to comply with the wide range of standards, directives, laws and guidelines, not to mention health and safety requirements. In addition, it is crucial that the luminaires offer flexible mounting options and keep operating and maintenance costs low.

Both model series use a special optical system consisting of a large number of small ‘light squares’. The fact that each individual LED has its own lens and reflector means anti-glare properties of UGR<16 and the excellent distribution of light. The large number of optical elements also gives the luminaires a special look, and luminous efficacy is also very good at 120 lumen per watt.

The IndiviLED luminaires are available in five different function levels: as a purely switchable version (on/off), switchable with a motion sensor, dimmable with DALI control gear, controllable with a DALI daylight sensor, and with emergency lighting functionality.

The Linear IndiviLED series are slim luminaires available as 1.2m and 1.5m surface-mount or pendant versions. If required, they can also be combined to form a seamless lighting installation. In comparison to conventional T5 fluorescent tubes they provide energy savings of up to 50 percent.

The Panel IndiviLED versions come in either 600x600mm or 625x625mm system squares. The luminaires can be either mounted on the ceiling or suspended; they are ideal replacements for traditional louvre luminaires, and their robust metal housing and IK08 certification means they are also particularly shock resistant.

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