LEDVANCE unveils new Vintage luminaires in the Edition 1906 range

LEDVANCE has added 36 new luminaire models in five product families to its Vintage Edition 1906 series. They continue the successful vintage design of the product range for domestic and commercial environments.

The new luminaires in the 1906 series continue the combination of modern LED technology with retro design, this time referencing avant-garde styles of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The luminaires in the Globe Glass family, for example, are available as ceiling, doublewall, floor and table versions with smoked glass globes in 200 and 300 mm diameters.

The Cone Glass series combine atmospheric light with aesthetic design and are available as single, double or triple ceiling spotlights in smoked glass; as a ceiling luminaire in a smoked glass and an orange version; and as a floor-standing luminaire.

The new luminaires are scheduled to be available from April 2019 in many DIY stores and online.

Unlike the Edition 1906 lamps, which will continue to bear the Osram brand, the new 1906 luminaires will be marketed under the LEDVANCE name.

More information here.

The models in the Globe Glass family come in ceiling, double-wall, floor-standing and table versions

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