LEDVANCE has world’s first Bluetooth mesh qualified LED lighting products

LEDVANCE, maker of Sylvania lighting products, has developed the world’s first LED lighting products that are Bluetooth mesh qualified – the Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth Full Color LED A19 Bulb, Indoor Full Color LED Flex Strip, Soft White Filament LED A19 Bulb and Soft White LED A19 Bulb.

Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth mesh qualified lighting products will hit the marketplace in early 2018.

While Bluetooth lighting products are very easy to set up, users typically needed to be in the immediate vicinity to control them unless they used another device as a hub. The new Bluetooth mesh networking technology allows a user to control devices from another room, because Bluetooth mesh qualified devices can pass along command signals when within 300 metres.

This technology advancement can make home automation products more attractive to the consumer as Bluetooth is one of the most commonly used technology standards on mobile devices and voice assistants.

“Industry researchers predict that nearly four billion Bluetooth devices will ship this year alone,” said Aaron Ganick, global head of Smart Business, LEDVANCE. “This creates the potential for a vast network that enables a simple user experience for consumers which increases satisfaction and ease of use for smart products.

“Unlike other proprietary lighting solutions that only offer mesh networking with their own products, our industry first Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth lighting products are mesh qualified. This means they can be incorporated into larger, more robust Bluetooth mesh networks that include other qualified products like thermostats, locks and especially voice assistants.

“By helping to enable an easy to use ecosystem that is available to everyone, Bluetooth mesh is making the smart home more of a reality for our consumers.”

Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth lighting products leverage Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. With products fully qualified for North America, the collaboration between LEDVANCE and Cypress provides best in class lighting and communication experiences for end consumers throughout their homes, now thanks to the advancement of Bluetooth mesh capabilities.

“The Sylvania Smart+ Bluetooth lighting products from LEDVANCE with Cypress’ qualified interoperable Bluetooth mesh technology mark a significant step forward for smarter home lighting that connects easily via smartphone applications and conveniently to the rest of a home’s Bluetooth connected devices,” said Brian Bedrosian, vice president of the IoT Business Unit at Cypress. “Their convenience, energy efficiency and whole-home connectivity are a winning combination people are seeking for their smart homes.”

Sylvania Smart+ lighting is one of the broadest portfolios of indoor and outdoor lighting products and accessories that allow users to have even more convenient control of their lighting and electronics, optimise their environments, improve efficiency, and help save time and energy. This can all be done by voice, smartphone, tablet, or wireless switch or sensor.

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