LiFi by Signify uses Philips luminaires

Signify has launched what it describes as “the world’s most reliable, high-speed commercial LiFi systems”. The new range, branded Trulifi, leverages existing and future professional luminaires; it is aimed at professional markets, including offices, hospitality, retail, industry and healthcare.

Trulifi uses optical wireless transceiver technology built, or retrofitted, into Philips luminaires. This means customers don’t have to rip and replace their existing lighting infrastructure to receive great quality light and wireless connectivity. 

The Trulifi 6002 plug-in transceiver slots into a compatible luminaire

Trulifi overcomes the increasing congestion of the radio spectrum and is perfect for areas where radio frequencies don’t work well, or at all, or are not permitted. 

The new range comprises Trulifi-enabled luminaires providing wireless connectivity at speeds up to 150Mbps over large spaces, such as meeting rooms and office floors. There is seamless handover between each Trulifi-enabled luminaire enabling users to roam around. The speed is fast enough to stream simultaneously 30 1080p HDTV movies.

A USB-access key, plugged into a laptop, is needed to receive the LiFi signal and acts as an emitter to send data back to the luminaire

The Trulifi range also includes a fixed point-to-point system, up to 250Mbps speed, which acts like a wireless cable, ideal for connecting devices. Potential applications include connecting robots or machines in radio frequency (RF) harsh environments like industrial plants, or hospitals where RF communications may not be permitted, or where there’s a need to send and receive large data files securely and quickly.

“Trulifi underlines our strategy to unlock the potential of light to address new high-growth markets,” said Olivia Qiu, Chief Innovation Officer at Signify. “Through our global presence, large installed base and industry knowledge, we’ll help existing and new customers to leverage their lighting infrastructures to receive reliable, secure, high-speed wireless communication at a very competitive price-point. Wherever there’s light, there can now be wireless communication.”

Market analyst Navigant Research is keen on the company’s move. “Signify is positioned to deliver on the promise of LiFi with attractively priced offerings that could help overcome the budget barrier for potential customers,” said Senior Research Analyst Krystal Maxwell. “Signify has also adopted the ITU G.9991 LiFi standard, which is aligned with the market’s move toward increased standardisation.”

The Trulifi range comprises …

  • Trulifi 6001: LiFi system using visible light with a speed of up to 30 Mbps (available since 2018). Coverage beam of 2m diameter at 2m ceiling height using Trulifi-enabled Philips PowerBalance gen2 luminaire (3m diameter at 2.5m height).
  • Trulifi 6002 series supports offices, healthcare, hospitality and transport markets. LiFi systems use two-way infrared light up to 150 Mbps up and down with a beam of approximately 2.2m diameter per transceiver at 2m height. They provide wireless connectivity in any lighting condition – even with the lights off.
  • Trulifi 6013: LiFi system that uses two-way coloured light to create a robust, secure 250Mbps up and down fixed point-to-point connectionbetween devices up to 8m apart. 
Trulifi 6013: fixed point-to-point communications at 250Mbps

All systems are available globally now. Signify Middle East is in Dubai’s Knowledge Village, on 800 035 703 972 and at

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