LiFi Demonstrated at 100 mbps at CES

At this year’s CES trade fair in Las Vegas, Oledcomm and LumEfficient introduced LiFiMax – a product that exceeds the standards of seamless connection, rated at 100mbps.

LiFi is regarded as a key driver for the lighting market in the immediate future. LiFiMax claims to set a new precedent of faster connection and more accessibility while also being more aesthetically pleasing.

A LiFiMAX system is composed of an access point that can be easily fixed on the ceiling and which enables network access to every device equipped with a plug-and-play LiFiMAX dongle to transfer data between the network and the device.  This provides a safe and secure connection through the network for up to 16 users in a 28m radius.

LiFiMax users can work on a 100mbps downlink and a 40mbps upload rate while connected through the infrared lighting fixture. This can all be done while still working on a secure network with open light frequency channels.  This far surpasses the WiFi benchmark of 30mbps downlink connection and congested radio frequency.

LiFiMax measures just 10cm wide and 2.5cm high, suggesting that the bulky and often inconvenient products of the LiFi industry’s first generation are history. 

More information here.

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