Light sculpture for the mobile generation

“Absorbed by Light” is one of 30 installations on display at this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival. Designed by British artist Gali May Lucas, who is also Senior Designer at design studio Design Bridge Amsterdam, this instagrammable sculpture will be outside the Hermitage in Amsterdam until 20 January.

The annual Amsterdam Light Festival runs from November to January, with 30 artworks lighting up the centre of Amsterdam. Visitors can view the sculptures and installations on foot, by bike or by boat.

Said Gali: “As a designer, I think that it’s important to diversify the work you do to keep yourself inspired, and it’s also important to immerse yourself in your environment – for me, the unique tempo of Amsterdam. Part of our work at Design Bridge is designing brand experiences, and you can’t get a better example of experiential design than the Amsterdam Light Festival.”

“The idea for this piece came very naturally,” she said in an interview. “Cycling to work in the mornings, I see people lost in the light of their mobile phones. On park benches, on the tram, in restaurants – no one talks to each other anymore. The white light and white noise is a bit eerie if you look at it in a certain way – and you’ll see this come through strongly in the final work.

Designbridge1 684x1024 - Light sculpture for the mobile generation

“I also wanted to create something that everyone could relate to. In the past, works in the festival have been extremely abstract. I didn’t want to have to explain the idea – I wanted people to get it instantly, so I went for something more cerebral. The idea felt like a good fit for using light as a medium, too.”

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