Lighthinking: iGuzzini’s new digital magazine

iGuzzini illuminazione, a leading company in the field of architectural lighting, has introduced its new online magazine Lighthinking.

The new digital platform, developed in collaboration with Holden Studios by the Holden School, is described as “a virtual location for discovering and discussing new material that investigates the relationship between light, humankind and the surrounding environment with an attentive eye on contemporary issues”.

That means interviews with interesting figures, like the architect Italo Rota, set designer Giancarlo Basili and fashion designer Nanni Strada, to articles with a more popular appeal –on the Game of Thrones, the Canadian rapper Drake’s tour and Zerocalcare’s cartoons.

“Lighthinking demonstrates the company’s ability to interact with the outside world and embrace a level of diversity that can generate value,” said Adolfo Guzzini, President Emeritus of iGuzzini illuminazione (below). “After 60 years, iGuzzini has again confirmed its commitment to spreading a culture of light and a passion for experimentation, which is the real key to innovation.”

“Making light is thrilling, sometimes even moving,” observed Alessandro Mari, Creative Director of Holden Studios. “The light spaces we live, in almost without noticing them, the moments of light that open up where we didn’t imagine them, and the feelings and sensations that light induces in us. There is light everywhere, on the street, in videogames on bedside cabinets and in films. And learning how to look at these forms of light, together with iGuzzini, who design light and have been doing it for sixty years, is an idea that we absolutely love.”

The Lighthinking magazine can be downloaded here.

This new editorial project is part of a wider cultural communication strategy on the question of light that has been promoted by iGuzzini since the 1990s and developed through a range of communication methods – among them iGuzzini books, specialised magazines like Incontroluce, and the LightOn meetings.