Ligman at Galleria Al Barsha

Another exterior lighting project has been delivered in Dubai that showcases LIGMAN’s enthusiasm and experience for providing custom solutions to designers.

Galleria Al Barsha in Al Barsha 2 is a new shopping, dining & entertainment destination by H&H Investment & Development.

With its partner, Streetscape International, LIGMAN worked with the lighting design team of JVL Studio in Turkey and Dubai Contracting Company (DCC) to provide Quantum 2 fixtures with custom optics and shields to mount in clusters on to ten of the Streetscape tapered poles specifically selected for the area by the client.

A mixture of narrow and wide beam 4000k fixtures illuminate the facades evenly with 3000k versions illuminate the terrace, walkways and stairs using a special elliptical distribution achieved with our Linear Spread Lens over narrow beam optics.

Custom Anti-Glare Visors were the finishing touch on this scheme.  

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