Luminaires in Lichtbeton ‘light concrete’

LUCEM’s Lichtbeton technology combines fine concrete and light-transmitting fibres; hundreds of thousands of embedded optical fibres (around 200,000 per square metre) transmit light from the back through the material.

We first saw this used in the UAE to illuminate the calligraphic engraving on the exterior of the Al Aziz Mosque opened on Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island in 2016; now the manufacturer, LUCEM, has created a line of off the shelf luminaires.

The handmade German-made collection includes wall lights, table lamps and floor-standing luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. All are based on 2cm thick Lichtbeton panels, currently in anthracite or white. Without illumination, the LUCEM lights have a natural stone-like look; with their internal LED light source switched on, they create impressive lighting effects and a special atmosphere.

More information here.

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