Lutron introduces a new generation of Designer+ for Vive

Lutron Electronics, a leader in smart lighting controls and automated shading solutions, has introduced Designer+ 11.2, the latest version of its Designer+ software for Vive solutions. Designer+ is an intuitive, easy-to-use software tool that enables electrical industry professionals to design an effective, code-compliant lighting control system an quickly arrive at the right lighting control solution for the client.

“The newest version of Designer+ for Vive makes it simple to create a code-compliant design, even without a deep understanding of the system parts and pieces,” said Scott Hanna, Senior VP for Lutron. “This software is another example of how Lutron helps to simplify lighting control by providing global service and expertise.”

Designer+ for Vive offers a guided experience that walks users through the program, enabling them to get an appropriate lighting control system design in just minutes. No formal training is required, and users do not need to know a single Lutron part number.

Users can select the energy code they need to meet and the room types that require control. Designer+ for Vive then automatically selects the gear and programming needed, based on a cloud-synced database of the latest code-compliant solutions. From there, each area on the floorplan is stamped with the proper solution, and in just a few clicks a customised bill of materials, sequence of operations, on-line diagram, and even CAD-exportable floorplan is generated, allowing users to effectively communicate design intent and create a professional bid package.

The new Designer+ for Vive continues a Lutron tradition of world-class design tools. In April, Lutron launched code-based room type templates, which allow users to simply “stamp” room types on the floorplan to quickly create a code-compliant solution. A May 2018 update added a customisable Dynamic Riser Diagram, enabling users to create everything from detailed risers to simplified room typicals.

Download the free Designer+ software here. Lutron’s Dubai office can be contacted here.


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