Lutron introduces in-wall sensors for Vive wireless system

Lutron Electronics has enhanced its Vive wireless solution with simple, in-wall occupancy sensors that easily replace existing wall controls and provide wireless communication to other Vive system devices.

Two new Maestro Wireless in-wall sensors have been introduced for its Vive wireless solution.

The new 0-10 V dimmer/sensor model combines automated, occupancy-based control of light, manual dimming control, and wireless communication to other Vive system devices in a single piece of hardware. The sensor/switch model provides manual or automated, occupancy based on/off control as well as wireless communication to Vive devices.

Both models are easy to install and can be direct replacements to existing controls in a standard wallbox.

They add a frequently-requested system capability – wallbox sensors that can be easily and fully integrated into a Vive wireless solution. For contractors, the sensors simplify installation, allow them to finish jobs faster, and provide the ability to expand a Vive wireless system as project and customer needs change over time. For designers, the sensors offer a familiar form factor that reduces design complexity and allows them to easily scale designs from stand-alone control to connected lighting control solutions.

More information here.

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