Meteor’s DUO offers clean aesthetics, no power cord and uncompromised function

DUO is the latest Up and Down pendant from Meteor Lighting, a direct solution to the increasing need for indirect ceiling lighting in a variety of project applications.

With more and more architectural designs focusing more on ceiling space, Meteor sought to develop a sleek fixture with perfect optics and high functionality. DUO is cable-free and has no power cable attachment to the fixture. The power supply is directly attached to the canopy, aesthetically hidden away for a minimalistic design. The entire fixture is then powered using a High Lumen Power Suspension System, making it not only extremely safe but simply beautiful to look at.

This fixture is also highly versatile, with an uplight lumen output range of 1,500 to 2,400 lm and downlight lumen output range of 1,500 to 6,500 lm; uplight beam angles can be set between 35° and 100° and downlight beam angles from 15° to 100°.

This flexibility does not compromise the look and feel of the luminaire, and is done through a hidden signal wire that can also offer separate up and down light dimming controls.

More information here.

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