New architectural luminaires for commercial and institutional applications from Fluexwerx

Fluxwerx has introduced Aperture, a family of suspended LED luminaires that offers performance, aesthetics, value and delivery to meet the design and construction objectives for the broadest range of commercial and institutional applications.  

“We set out to deliver true innovation in performance and design,” said Reuben Bartlett, General Manager, Fluxwerx. “I believe our expanded portfolio provides the specification and design-build community lighting options that were simply not possible previously.”

Aperture is a suspended fixture in two different graphic, geometric, rhythmic patterns, with two endcap options and a profile no bigger than a business card. A series of cellular voids allows clear views right through the luminaire to the architecture; all while still delivering a visual experience that is simultaneously unique and comfortable.

The integral ocular Anidolic optic technology provides a precisely controlled batwing distribution with no view of the LED point source, seamlessly integrating with modern industrial design. The initial stage of the ocular Anidolic optic efficiently mixes light from linear LED arrays to create a uniform, regressed ring of light, eliminating visible images of intense LED point sources. In the second stage, precise, open extraction elements emit high performance up/down distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacy. Wide angle indirect distribution option allows for greater on-centre spacing with a uniform, luminous ceiling plane for maximum visual comfort and lower energy density.

Combining performance, aesthetics, value and delivery, Aperture opens up new opportunities for a wide range of applications.

More information here. Fluxwerx became part of the Lumenpulse Group in 2016; Lightitude Gulf is Lumenpulse’s local representative.

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