New CEO for BLE specialist Casambi

Casambi, the Finnish pioneer in wireless lighting controls based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), has made changes to its senior management team that sees Kari Mettälä become Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Previously Chief Operations Officer at Casambi, Kari Mettälä (right in the picture above) has a proven track record of success in international business development with over 25 years of experience in senior management and consultancy. Besides serving as CEO for over a decade for a leading provider of directional audio solutions, he also has previous management experience working within the consulting and professional audio-visual sector.

His move from COO to CEO was instigated by Timo Pakkala, Casambi’s founder and the former CEO (left in the picture). Pakkala continues with the company in a product management role.

Mettälä acknowledged his predecessor’s role: “Together with Co-Founder Elena Lehtimäki, Timo Pakkala has transformed Casambi within a decade from a start-up to a business widely acknowledged to be the world’s leading wireless lighting control platform. With his ongoing support, I am confident we will build on this solid foundation and strengthen our brand’s leadership position.”

Timo Pakkala will now focus on the company’s product management and strategic direction to maximise product innovation, market expansion and user experience.

“The Casambi brand continues to establish its technology platform as the de facto standard for lighting control,” said Timo Pakkala. “We plan to steadfastly accelerate growth of the business by delivering the ultimate user experience for lighting professionals while raising loyalty among our partners, customers and other stakeholders. Our management refocus is hugely positive with the cornerstones of our technology and the core benefits of creating an optimal solution in terms of ease of installation and functionality with minimal additional hardware and deployment costs remaining intact.”

Casambi says its broader goal is to provide “the best possible user experience for all the stakeholders at all phases of a lighting design” from the integration of Casambi technology designed into ecosystem partner products and project specification to ease of commissioning and the interface experienced by end users.

In practice that means expanding the availability of ‘Casambi ready’ luminaires and control devices and boosting collaborations across the world. We recently reported one such collaboration, where Casambi has teamed up with Tridonic to develop an innovative wireless light management solution – Tridonic’s basicDIM Wireless is based on Casambi’s BLE technology to offer an interconnected and interoperable solution for hassle-free wireless connectivity of luminaires. This year Casambi has also signed a strategic partnership with Zumtobel that will see Zumtobel and Thorn luminaires incorporate Casambi’s BLE control platform.

Casambi’s regional partners include Reynard Lighting in Dubai.