New highbay luminaires by DIETAL for industrial and warehouse lighting

In the industrial and warehouse sector, lighting can account for up to 80 percent of a warehouse’s energy bill. So the choice of luminaires should be oriented towards strong, reliable (low-maintenance) and energy-saving solutions; to meet these specific requirements, DIETAL has introduced two LED highbay luminaire ranges – SOLAR V2 and METEOR.

SOLAR V2 is a simple but particularly effective luminaire for general lighting and the refurbishment of traditional solutions (HID 250 and 400W) in workshops, warehouses and even retail areas. It can be equipped with lenses or a reflector (for a better control of the light distribution and glare), wall-mounted or suspended in place of existing fixtures.

With a higher flux level, from 12,000 to 31,500 lm, and a very high modularity, with beam adjustment by rotation, METEOR offers a wider range of applications. It can be installed ever indoors or outdoors, it is suitable for both very high buildings (up to 30 m) and sports facilities lighting, while offering an excellent level performance thanks to the use of latest generation LEDs and optics.

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