New integrated LED handrail lighting system from Lumibright

With clever engineering and design, the Cree LED Railing Module is an innovative versatile system offering unique lighting with unrivalled uniformity and photometric performance.

Eliminating the need to light an entire area, the integrated Railing System helps to increase safety and security – at minimal cost, thanks to its low energy consumption.

Handrail lights installed in public areas add to public safety. Illuminated handrail systems also provide decorative lighting when incorporated into street furniture and urban art installations.

With stainless steel body and waterproof IP67 rating, the new Cree Railing Module is well suited for interior or exterior staircases, atrium surrounds, stairs, balconies, viewing galleries, ramp ways, pedestrian bridges and walkways.

Powerful, yet small and unobtrusive, each LED module provides an oval shaped beam with a sharp cut-off designed to obtain non-overbearing illumination with a high degree of uniformity, minimal glare, nil light spill or wasted light. The rail lights can be installed in new handrails or retrofitted into existing handrails.

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