New LED fixtures from Current by GE engineered to do more than save energy

Current by GE has debuted several new LED fixtures that deliver valuable time savings during installation and long term flexibility for building retrofits and new construction.

Current by GE’s RPL is the company’s first flat panel retrofit kit with integrated lighting control sensors. The RPL was created for commercial offices to minimise installation time, benefiting maintenance teams and office tenants, and to provide instant compatibility with Daintree One and Daintree EZ Connect.

With luminaires that easily join together for long continuous runs of uniform lights and flexible install variations, the new LAL Series 2nd Gen (above) provides a unique customisable LED solution for retail and commercial spaces. This Daintree-compatible product line includes Current’s patented TriGain- color teccolourgy in recessed and suspended configurations.

Said Kevin Heffernan, Current by GE’s General Manager, Channel: “We know that time is money when it comes to rip and replace, maintenance and energy monitoring so we are packing it all into our products from the start.”

Current’s newest outdoor product is the ERLC Compact Cobra Head which delivers the same lumen output in a smaller package. The result is a 30 percent lighter fixture that is easier to install and provides a cost-effective solution for walkways and neighborhood street lighting.

An added benefit of the new Compact Cobra Head is a unique reflective technology that creates a focused light area.

More information here.

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